Mobile Auto Electrics can professionally install all makes of audio, navigation and bluetooth systems into cars, and light commercial vehicles. (Navigation/accessories can also be fitted to motorbikes and scooters.) This allows you to get that new car headunit, handsfree, iPod car kit, CD changer, digital TV tuner upgrade etc, installed by a professional auto installer, at home or at work! – We are happy to help fix DIY disasters. Remember when you get a professional to install you avoid damaging your pride and joy. 

Bluetooth Car Kit

The legislation in the UK requires that to use a telephone while driving a car it must be hardsfree, if you’re caught using your mobile phone it will result in 3 points on your driving licence and a fine. With the low cost vehicle specific kits in the in-car market, there is no excuse to not have one installed! Mobile Auto Electrics are highly experienced in fitting bluetooth to all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles, you can spend your day stress free leaving the job in the hands of the professionals.


Car Stereo installations 

We all spend alot of time in our cars. Some times standard headunits don’t live up to our needs. Mobile Auto Electrics can come to your work or home to fit it. With the wide range of aftermarket headunits available and the complex integration on new cars, some times it’s better to get a professional to install it, making sure you don’t loose functionality.  

Let Mobile Auto Electrics install it for you!










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